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new demo - MMZXA - Slam Down

2011-09-07 20:57:37 by Zero-Resurrected

i've been real busy lately but i promise i'll finish this one soon. in the mean time, tell me what you think of it. peace out

MMZXA - Slam Down (Gigamix Ver.)


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2011-09-08 13:49:21

This is what happens when people has too much spare time to do nothing. lol

About the song:
It fells a bit...crazy and messy, but that's the exact feeling of the boss fights in the game(specially when fighting the twins). Nice work(as usual)! o/


2011-09-16 12:43:21

Excellent music, pal!


2011-09-20 23:43:34

I have to agree, it has a certain messy, in-your-face action feel to it which works well. It also seems to have a similar vibe to your earlier demo of Cannonball: Hard Revenge, except a bit heavier, if that makes any sense. Can't wait to see how it turns out!