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Holy Shit I am creating a fucking monster track

2011-11-17 23:40:45 by Zero-Resurrected

you guys are gonna like this. preview to come

MMBN - Electrical Crisis (Elecman Stage)


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2011-11-24 03:15:29

Heh, can't wait to hear it! Wonder what the surprise is. Maybe you finished Slam Down or En-trance code? Or perhaps you revived your work on Cannonball: Hard Revenge?

Which reminds me, those both sound pretty good on your Tindeck. I especially loved the music box aesthetic of your latest demo for En-trance Code, and was left wanting more when it cut out right as it sounded like it was going to get really good.

I also noticed you did a rendition of Flandre Scarlet's Theme (U.N. Owen Was Her?) and it sounds pretty good. It seems like a finished product as it is, but I'm hoping you'll extend it and put your own special touch on it.