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Entry #15


2012-10-14 15:19:04 by Zero-Resurrected

heres a thing a i've been messing around with. lemme know what you think of it. thanks

MMBN5 - Vs. Nebula Grey


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2012-10-31 17:55:24

i lov it - make a longer one plz


2012-12-16 22:20:13

your alive

my god yes

Zero-Resurrected responds:

im very much notdead. ive just been fuckin busy


2013-02-08 02:01:58

Your guitar has gotten better from the sounds of it. It's sounding good man! Though I can't help to feel you need some splitting near the last points. Though could be fixed up by now. Good hearing something from you man.


2013-07-13 03:10:37

I hope things get less busy so you make more great music like this!