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demo of next (new) song

2011-03-21 23:21:08 by Zero-Resurrected

ive been real busy lately but I have made some progress on one of my cover songs. this will most likely be the next song i finish. I'll upload it once i finish the drums and the eq mastering for it. In the meantime, listen to the demo and tell me what you think. cya


decision time

2010-12-08 10:30:15 by Zero-Resurrected

Alright, since people really wanna hear the stuff i've been working on and off on for the past 2 years (lol) I was thinking of just uploading some works in progress and demos to an offsite site and post the link here. That way you guys can comment on the stuff i've been working on and also so you guys can get an idea of what of what some of the new songs will sound like. let me know if this idea interests you guys

heres a list of WIPs (works in progress) and Demos that might be on there. keep in mind that some of these are songs i will never release/finish. asterisks indicate its a track im currently working on.
- untitled project
- mmzx - green grass gradiation (Area A) V2 ******
- mmzx - mountain rider (Area B)
- mmzx - brilliant show window (Area C)
- mmzx - wonder panorama (Area F) V2 **DONE**
- mmzxa - the chosen one
- mmzxa - determined eyes ******
- mmzx(a) - trap obsession
- mmzxa - cannonball: hard revenge (this is the fucking terrible version from 09)
- mmbn - void (www stage)
- mmbn - running through the cyber world (numberman stage)
- mmbn2 - magnetic airplane*******
- mmbn2 - virus busting
- mmbn3 - shooting enemy (virus battle)
- mmbn5 - powerful enemy (boss battle)
- mmbn6 - decisive battle, cyber beast! (final battle)

be patient

2010-10-12 02:54:53 by Zero-Resurrected


its coming

2010-07-22 03:03:12 by Zero-Resurrected


im back

2009-12-22 14:53:00 by Zero-Resurrected

im currently reworking the original Trap Factory into a loopable version as well some special Megaman Battle Network nostalgia tracks to celebrate the release of Rockman Exe Operate Shooting Star. dont worry i havent forgotten the songs from the fall sampler. Im still working on them but you wont hear any of them until atleast 2010